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If we can seal the Panama Canal, Great Wall of China, Pyramids of Eygpt, Empire State Building and save Mt. Rushmore, we can help YOU!

Technology sets us apart

Pro-Seal has developed over 180 exotic products to deal with water and fluid contaminant problems. Pro-Seal products and systems are considered to be the leading-edge technology in the industry via the innovative and unique characteristics of our polycarbon/polycarbonate integrated nano-technologies used to formulate the base of all our products.

Pro-Seal's technical group is considered by many engineers to be second to none in their field of expertise. Pro-Seal has been involved with many of the worlds prestigious infastructure repair projects due to our unique high-quality approach to solution management.


Custom solutions for every problem

From the solution center of our organization, we do not believe in cookie cutter solutions, therefore we factor all relevent site data to design custom guide specifications and sketches for every problem with which we are presented. Our expert field technicians have been trained to gather forensic information of the cause of site damage. Our field technicians use hi-tech automation systems to transmit information to our HQ technical department for lab analysis. A solution is developed by our Tech Support Tach and Guide Specification, Detail Drawings, Tech Data Sheets, MSDS Sheets and other related documents are then forwarded to the respective parties.


Top 10 Selling Products

Listed in order of most gallons sold


Pro-Seal 34

Ultra Shield II-A



Anti-Graf and De-Graf

R.O.C. Hard

Pro Thane 230

The ALHT System (DP-36, Prime Flex III, Deck Flex HT, Ureflex AL and Polyscrim)









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